Our Sand Canyon Fire Safe Council’s goal is to “educate” and inform.
The Census document is an important tool to help us do that.
The following questions and answers will help you understand more.

Important Questions & Answers:

 ~Is it important for me to submit the Census Form?

YES! If you want to participate in our canyon’s emergency preparedness project and get emails or phone calls regarding emergency events.

 ~Why is this so important?

This document will enable us (if we are able) to communicate with you during an emergency event.

 ~Do I have to do this if I am not interested?

NO! But we ask that you tell us that you are not interested. Our goal is to contact every family in the Sand Canyon area and only if you reply with the form, or your “not interested” will we know everyone has been reached.

~Will submitting this form obligate me to be on a committee or commit my time to anything?

NO! You are not obligated to anything other than to be in the information loop. If you choose to volunteer in any way that is welcome.

 ~Does submitting this form and guarantee that the Sand Canyon Fire Safe Council is responsible in any way for the safety of my family, my animals or my property?

NO! Only you and the “emergency personnel agencies  (Fire, Sheriff, CHP) are charged with that responsibility. But in the event (due to some major catastrophe) these agencies can’t get to us quickly, this is a potential tool we can use to possibly help one another until help arrives.

 ~If I have already submitted the Census form to SCHOA via email or fax, do I need to do it again?

NO! We prefer that you do not duplicate your info to us. However, it is very important for you to send us any changes in your information.

 ~Is it still necessary to fill out the form if I know my information is in the Schoa records?

YES! Our Schoa data information would have to be manually entered to get into our new “fire safe council” database. When you fill out the Census form on the website, it goes into this new and separate database with one click of the computer.

 Will the Fire Safe Council & Schoa database become one database?

Hopefully yes, It would be wonderful if everyone in our geographical community could be in a master database because everyone is participating in our community’s emergency preparedness project. In the meantime the two databases will continue to be maintained separately.

 Will this personal information be published to anyone else?

NO! This census form information is only to be used internally so we can be in contact with each other during an emergency event. This data would only be shared with emergency personnel if a compelling reason occurs to do so for safety reasons. The agencies could get this information other ways, but perhaps not as timely as they might get it from us.

 What if I don’t have a computer, can I still participate?

YES! It would be easiest if we could get your information via the website, Perhaps a relative or friend could do that for you. If that is not possible, you may contact us to get a blank copy of the form to fill out and fax to us or send via the post office. We will know that you cannot be contacted by email. We hope to set up smaller neighborhood (street) groups so near neighbors can be in contact with one another. Those neighborhood groups may have phone trees as well.

 If you can think of anything questions we haven’t covered please contact us at our email address: schoa@socal.rr.com