Sand Canyon Fire Safe Council

Animal Evacuation Preparedness Team

As an owner of animals, whether they are large or small, preparing before an emergency occurs, can save lives and reduce stress levels. 

The Animal Evacuation Preparedness Team of the Sand Canyon Fire Safe Council has collected and presented information and resources to help you plan for your family and animals’ safe evacuation or sheltering in.

   Prepare Now!         

 On this website you can find sample materials to get you started.  Feel free to modify them for your unique situation……

  • A sample barn card - lists information about your animals, your veterinarian, feeding instructions and includes a photo and contact information.  Keep this posted near your barn.
  • Contact list for your neighbors formalize a plan with your immediate neighbors and share pertinent information.  This list will help you do that.
  • Evacuation Checklist and Priorities Post this suggested list on the back of your most used door in the house.  In times of emergency, it relieves the stress to have a written checklist of things to do.  Consider assigning tasks ahead of time.  Give everyone, even the children a job to do.
  • Evacuating Small Animals Checklist for small animals
  • Extended Hour Veterinarian Facilities For small animals
  • Animal Control – If you need help evacuating your animals of any size, call the Castaic Animal Shelter at 661-257-3191

Other useful links……………… 

Final Comments……..

  • In Your Car
    • Keep a copy of your critical phone numbers; neighbors, veterinarians, Animal Control, out-of-area contacts, etc.
    • Consider at 72 hour kit for your car along with some snacks and water.
    • Have good walking shoes
    • Local maps
  • Water
    • People need a minimum of 1 gallon per person per day.  Plan for seven days.  (This does not include hygiene.)
    • Horses need a minimum of 15 gallons per horse per day.

The Animal Evacuation Preparedness Team wishes you and your family well.  Do your part to get organized before the emergency occurs. 

Fire Preparation List (Short Outline Version published prior)