FEBRUARY 18, 2016, 7 PM





WELCOME by Dave Hauser at 7:07pm


PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE led by Mayor Bob Kellar


MINUTES for February 2015 meeting were motioned for approval by Russell Myers and approved by Board of Directors



          2015 Dues collected - $6600

2015 Expenses - $4665 (for radios, red bags, printing, directors’ insurance, misc.)

          Ending Cash Balance - $21,505


ELECTION 2016 BOARD – Dave Hauser introduced Board Members for 2016 - Alyssa Alderman, JJ Cacavas, Mark Donaldson, Jan Fear, Dave Hauser, John Higby, Ruthann Levison, Dana Martin, Debbie Martin, Russell Myers, Daniel Rodriguez, Roger Sager, Bill Schwartz, Kathie Schwartz and John Sires


We thanked outgoing Board Members Lisa Kauppi and Sandi Parris for their service.


City of Santa Clarita by Mayor Bob Kellar


Mayor Kellar gave an overview of the Santa Clarita 2020 plan that is a five year strategy now in its second year. The plan centers on six themes: public safety, building community, economic growth, community beautification, sustaining public infrastructure and responsive government sources.  Upcoming projects include a new public library in Saugus, a new Sheriff’s station near Centre Pointe Parkway and a community center in Canyon Country.


He also gave an update on the Whittaker-Bermite issue, indicating that the surface ground clean up would be completed by the end of the year, paving the way for the completion of Via Princessa.


The Golden Valley Bridge widening should be completed in July and the bridge will be renamed the Connie Roberts Worden Bridge.


Kellar also announced a new program that would start soon wherein banners would be displayed in prominent city areas honoring active military members currently serving at home and abroad.


Dante Acosta also spoke for a short time on the CEMEX issue which Congressman Steve Knight reported on later in the evening.


Open Space & Trails report by Ruthann Levison


Santa Clarita is dedicated to preserving open space in our valley.  To that end, with the passage of our Open Space Preservation District in 2007, the City continues this preservation in earnest.  The city has purchased and partnered to purchase over 8500 acres of land so far, with more to come in the future.  Properties include Gateway Ranch, Whitney Canyon, Golden Valley Ranch, and many more.  You may also visit for more open space trail information.


In addition, construction plans are complete for the Sand Canyon Trail Phase III (between Lost Canyon Road and Road Runner Road) and are being reviewed.  Trail Phases IV – VI (between Sky Ranch Road and Placerita Canyon Road) just had the design contract awarded at the last committee meeting in February.


Emergency Services by LACOFD Asst Fire Chief Greg Hisel


Despite El Nino not happening as expected, the Fire Chief stated that the station has sand and sand bags and will give them out for free to people as needed, call the station if you need any.  Training in 2016 will include four C.E.R.T. classes as well as a “children drown without a sound” program on May 21st to be done in conjunction with the City.  There are currently 14 fire stations in the SCV with plans to build two more – one on Golden Valley Road and the other in Castaic Junction.



Emergency Agencies – Q & A for LACOFD; LACOSD; CHP


Many questions were posed to the agencies, focusing on the homeless in the dry riverbed, racing vehicles on weekend nights down Sand Canyon, and increased rush hour traffic that cuts through Sand Canyon and Placerita to the freeway (due to the Waze app).  Officials indicated they will patrol more on the weekend nights and will place cars during rush hour to catch speeding cars on Placerita. As to the homeless, they are contacted once a month and offered help and community services. Any abandoned “camps” are cleaned up at that time.


The sheriffs also mentioned that although crime is up in Santa Clarita, it is down in the Sand Canyon area in general. And he noted the crime rate in our area is very low to begin with.


Congressman Steve Knight Update


The first issue he discussed was Aliso Canyon and that they had sealed the well that very day. He said, “the well is dead”. However, many people still need to be moved back into their homes.


In regards to CEMEX, although the Bureau of Land Management terminated the contracts for mining in Soledad Canyon last August, the issue is not over as CEMEX appealed the decision. A decision on the appeal is expected in late summer 2016.  Knight introduced legislation last week to take away all mining rights and it will stay a top priority. However, there is still a long way to go.


As for the High Speed Rail issue, Knight would like to restrict federal funding and instead reallocate funds to other projects such as water conservation, stem cell research and others.  Knight believes “we need water a lot more than we need a train from Modesto to Palmdale.”  He understood and supported Sand Canyon residents desire to fight an above ground rail through their community.





College of the Canyons: Canyon Country Campus by Dr Ryan Thuele


COC has 4000+ students each semester and continues to grow.  The Canyon Country campus will see more permanent structures built in the next several years and community events are planned in the next few months to raise funds and bring the school into the community fold.  A state-of-the-art science building has also been planned for the campus.


Fire Safety/Emergency Council Report by Jan Fear


The FSC has been in existence as a subcommittee since 2004 and its mission is all risk preparedness for individual and community self-reliance.  The Canyon has been divided into seven zones with Zone Leaders who have radios and will be able to help communicate with Incident Command in the event of a large emergency that affects the canyon such as an earthquake or fire.


Late last year and early this year, zone leaders began passing out “red bags” to every home in their zone. Information in the bag included safety materials and literature about SCHOA and the Fire Safety/Emergency Council. We are encouraging families in the canyon to develop their own safety plan as well as get to know their zone and zone leader so that in the event of an emergency, our canyon neighbors can help each other.


High Speed Rail (HSR) Task Force Update by Ruthann Levison


Ruthann kept it brief as other guests had spoken to the issue earlier. The Burbank to Palmdale Route is currently in the Environmental Study Stage – process takes a couple of years so we are basically in a holding pattern at this point. The main station in the San Fernando Valley will be located at the Bob Hope Airport.  Currently three possible routes are being considered: one of them is underground but one of them is above ground through Sand Canyon.  This is the one we need to continue to fight.


The City has formed a coalition to fight the HSR.  There is also a ballot measure to redirect about $8M of $10.2M in voter approved bonds from the HSR to form a “Water Authority” to deal with water issues. Everyone is encouraged to read the measure carefully before voting as water is a hot topic in California right now.


Sand Canyon Plaza by Tom Clark


This development is at the corner of Sand Canyon and Soledad where currently there is a mobile home park.  The plan is to develop 50 of the 85 acres into four “high-end” restaurants, homes and an assisted living facility.  The remaining 35 acres will be landscaped, including water features. The plan includes 148 single family homes, 120 townhomes, 312 apartments and a 100 bed assisted living facility (to be run by North Star).


If all goes according to plan, construction is expected to begin late summer and will open in late 2017 into 2018.


Vista Canyon Ranch by Ruthann Levison


Since July 2015, there has been site-wide grading, embankment protection, storm drain work, and super pad creation. There is still much more to be done in these areas.  In 2016, land sales for residential areas and vertical construction (water reclamation plant, Town Center parking structure, first office and retail building, first residential units) should begin. In 2017, construction of Oak Park and the bridge from Soledad Canyon over the river, including the roundabout at Lost Canyon and Sand Canyon Road should begin.  Project will take five years (into 2021).  For more information visit




Respectfully submitted,

Alyssa Alderman, Secretary