Sand Canyon Country Club

FEBRUARY 22, 2018 (7 PM)




Annual Meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm.

Welcome to all by Dave Hauser

Pledge of Allegiance led by Mayor Laurene Weste



   State Senator Scott Wilk accompanied by his Deputy Kris Hough

   City of Santa Clarita Mayor Laurene Weste

   Lisa Moulton, District Director for Congressman Steve Knight

   Sharon Bronson, Deputy for Assemblyman Dante Acosta

   Nicole Vartanian Ass’t Field Deputy for BOS Kathryn Barger

   LACOFD Ass’t Chief Anderson Mackey

         Maria Grycan Community Services Liaison and Battalion Chief Darus Ane.

   LACOSD Capt Robert Lewis

         Zone 8 Deputy Luis Cabrera and PIO Shirley Miller

   CHP PIO Josh Greengard and Lieutenant Rob Lund


   Steve Arklin (Arklin Movie Ranch)

   Tom Clark (Sand Canyon Plaza)

   Steve Valenziano & Glenn Adamick (Vista Canyon Ranch)

   Steve Kim (Sand Canyon Country Club)


Ruthann thanked 187 residents for attending, noting that there were 4 newcomer families to the canyon meeting, plus a couple of long time residents who had not attended a prior meeting. She invited everyone to pay the nominal volunteer dues that go entirely back to the canyon for (primarily) our FSC/Emergency response activities.


TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Jennifer Jean Cacavas * $14,367.06.


2018 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Introduced:

Alyssa Alderman, Jennifer Jean Cacavas, Mark Donaldson, Dave Hauser, John Higby, Ruthann Levison, Dana Martin, Russell Myers, Robb Nelson, Roger Sager, Tom Schurke, Bill Schwartz, Kathie Schwartz and John Sires.



Mayor West said she has been pushing for trails since the 1970s. She reported that another 400 acres of open space were acquired last fall. Total open space  now is 9,500 acres. We are getting closer to our goal of a greenbelt surrounding our City borders.

She reported the Sand Canyon Trail is now on the radar for completion. The trail is divided into 6 phases. A couple of phases are complete. The section at Macmillan Ranch is almost complete. A couple of the remaining phases have some challenges that need to be dealt with, i.e. needed easements and infrastructure costs which will be dealt with one at a time. It is important to get the entire trail completed, since it is a “major emergency safety issue”, as well as the needed connection to our nearby open space areas. Mayor Weste says it “will be done” as quickly as possible, as we resolve to deal with each of the pinch points.


SENATOR SCOTT WILK spoke briefly about the continued Sacramento “bipartisan” fight to keep CEMEX from mining on our eastern border. However, this is now in the “federal” domain, the Bureau of Land Management. He continues to work very closely with the City of Santa Clarita on our behalf.

LACO Sheriffs Dept Captain Robert Lewis has lived in SCV for all his 53 yrs. The community has grown immensely since he was a youngster.  We now have 293,000 residents, with 39 deputies on duty any given day. He tracked 42 incidents in which residents helped catch the bad guy. The Santa Clarita Valley is divided into 8 zones.  Sand Canyon is eastern part of Zone 8. The best way citizens can help is:


If reporting an incident to the Sheriff's Department, please provide vehicle license plates, good vehicle description, location, description of person(s) involved and any other pertinent information such as time and date.

Sand Canyon crime stats: 2018 - zero (so far); 2017 - 28; 2016 - 33.


Capt Lewis told us he is very proactive and a numbers guy. Crime is an issue all over the county as well as the country. Our area is no different. However, we are definitely safer than most other areas, but there is always room for improvement. Also, the department only has so many resources to go around, so the deputies need to be utilized with the more serious crimes getting first call.


Increased traffic on Sand Canyon was a big subject of concern for our residents who beg for more patrols. Again it is a resource issue. The department would like to hire more deputies, but it seems too few apply these days.

Last year, there were 98 citations for speed on Sand Canyon Road.

One canyon resident complained about the “Waze” Traffic app that detours cars down Sand Canyon and Placerita Canyon Roads from the 14 Freeway.  On one occasion, he personally counted 1100 cars going through the stop sign at Lost Canyon/Sand Canyon between 6 am -7 am. 
CHP covers 674 square miles and has about 25-30 officers on duty any given day.


John Sires, our SCHOA board member who is also acommercial security” professional gave a presentation with a number of easy safety tips to make your home less inviting to be hit, than (perhaps) someone else’s home. SCHOA provided a “hand out” list of these “safety tips”. Most of them were relatively inexpensive and made good common sense to apply both to your home and your personal space wherever you are.

Highlight Points:

Don't look like a victim so you're NOT victimized!
      - Minimize your Risk potential
      - Situational awareness
      - Motion sensor lights
      - Cameras in yard


LACO Fire Dept * Interim Chief Anderson Mackey introduced himself as our new Assistant Fire Chief. He has 30 yrs on the job and is now responsible for 25 fire stations.

He is committed to continuing the excellent relationship that has been established between the LACOFD and our Emergency FireSafe Council Executive Command.





Arklin Movie Ranch: Steve Arklin has been in Santa Clarita since 1950s.  He is building an 8400 square foot barn/office building (1880s style) on corner of Placerita/Sand Canyon Roads. The barn will consist of offices, conference room and hall. All parking will be located on the ranch property. There will not be any increased traffic to the canyon and he is adhering to all the same restrictions that affect other homeowners in the canyon. He is hoping the project will be completed within one year.  


Sand Canyon Country Club: Owner Steve Kim gave a short presentation to announce the beginning of his proposed development. He will be inviting everyone to an in depth presentation in the near future so stay tuned for that. That will be the time for your questions and concerns. Additionally there will be public City meetings as he goes through the development process.

            Presentation Highlights:
            Hotel – 308 rooms
            2500 sf spa & sauna
            2 ballrooms & 8 meeting rooms
            4 restaurants
            9 hole Par 3 golf course
            2 tennis & 4 pickle ball courts
            adult & kid swimming pools


Sand Canyon Plaza:  Tom Clark

Tom has been involved since 1985

Project was approved by Planning Commission 9/2017

50 acres usable
284 homes (approx 3000 sf)
312 apartments
140 units assisted living space
60,000 sf retail
Grading starting May/June 2018 completing grading by end of year.
Anticipates 2-3 years of construction.


Vista Canyon Ranch: Steve Valenziano and Glenn Adamick

Project started in 2006

2010, received entitlements

2015, started land development
85 acres
Water reclamation will be done this year – 2018
First office/retail bldg will be completed – December 2018
200 room business type hotel
6 story & 5 story Corp buildings

Metrolink/Bus Transit facilities


Bridge over River (construction start 2019 Qtr 2)

Sand Canyon Roundabout (construction start 2018 Qtr 4)


Vista Canyon Park (construction start 2018 Qtr 4)

The park will be turned over to the City of Santa Clarita upon completion.


10 miles of multi-purpose trails surrounds the development (and within the park).




Respectfully submitted – Acting Secretary

Ruthann Levison